Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Max Mastellone — MMT economists look at debt, deficit differently

OMG! Is MMT going viral?

Las Cruces Sun-News
MMT economists look at debt, deficit differently
Max Mastellone


Kaivey said...

Saved to my Start Screen.

Ryan Harris said...

Remarkable how quickly MMT went from relative obscurity to common knowledge. Only 5 or 6 years ago... economists, politicians and voters alike were unanimous in dismay over deficits.

Tom Hickey said...

Several factors involved.

Stephanie Kelton's stint as Bernie's economic adviser.

Backchannel contacts with the profession that remain unknown other than to the participants and those with a need to know.

MMT economists switching from blogging to social media, Twitter in particular.

MMT activists promoting MMT on social media and elsewhere.

Blogs. (Blogs were the thing until a year or two ago. Now the action is on social media.)

The groundwork laid in publications, in particular working papers at the Levy Institute that are freely accessible to all.