Thursday, April 26, 2018

Ali Wyne — What role will the United States play in the world?

For starters, there is an increasingly marked disconnect between the issues that concern most Americans on a day-to-day basis and the way in which the foreign policy establishment discusses America’s role in the world. Washington Post national security correspondent Greg Jaffe remarked in mid-2017 that “sustaining the US-led, rules-based international order [is] an exhortation that, at best, [is] meaningless to most Americans. At worst, it smack[s] of soulless globalism.”…
Americans have yet to turn isolationist; last April the Chicago Council on Global Affairs noted that, even in the Trump era, “a majority Americans of all political stripes said that the United States should maintain an active part in world affairs.” But Mr. Trump’s election demonstrates that policymakers cannot take that proportion for granted: if they do not accord greater priority to domestic renewal and assuage wide-ranging public anxieties over the impact of globalization, the postwar order’s erstwhile anchor may feel domestic pressure to abdicate its role.
World Economic Forum
What role will the United States play in the world?
Ali Wyne | Contributing Analyst, Wkikstrat


Ryan Harris said...

"US-led, rules-based international order"

(Do as we say, follow our "rules"... OR ELSE)

The costs of military, blood and economic cooperation are far larger than any tiny incremental economic benefit we receive from setting international order agenda.

The trillions spent on military adventure-ism rather than domestic development, a reduced quality of life through so called, "free trade agreements" that didn't provide regulatory harmony, countless lives lost in battles, economic misery... Good riddance to the deep state agenda. We fully understand what is being "lost" here and we demand the US cede the role immediately.

Layoff 2/3 of the state dept and CIA NOW. Not tomorrow, not next year. Just as with orthodox economists, their existence is harmful to society and eliminating their positions results in immediate, direct outsize benefits to society and a more prosperous, stable and peaceful world.

Tom Hickey said...

Exactly right. It's crazy.