Sunday, April 29, 2018

North Korea

Well North Korea keeps saying "denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula" instead of "North Korea," and that has a specific meaning in North Korean parlance. That is dislodging the US nuclear [extended] deterrence from the region.
So, we are not talking about the denuclearization of North Korea per se, but disarmament or dislodging the US presence from the region. These are two very different conceptual definitions.... 
Sputnik International
Radio Sputnik interviews Lee Sung-yoon, a Korea expert at Tufts University

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Bolton has reiterated this position.
Bolton, a hawk who Trump named on Thursday to replace H.R. McMaster in the key security role, told Radio Free Asia on Monday that discussions at the proposed summit with Kim Jong Un should be similar to those that led to components of Libya’s nuclear program being shipped to the United States in 2004.

“Let’s have this conversation by May, or even before that, and let’s see how serious North Korea really is,” Bolton said, according to a transcript of his remarks posted on the RFA website on Friday.

“If they’re not prepared to have that kind of serious discussion, it could actually be a very short meeting.”...
Reuters (23 March 2018)
Trump should insist on Libya-style denuclearization for North Korea: Bolton

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Noah Way said...

And there you have it. This is dead in the water. The US will not demilitarize the peninsula.

Tom Hickey said...

Exactly, The US demanding an unconditional surrender. Not going to happen.

lastgreek said...

From Forbes,

This Could Be The Real Reason Why North Korea Stopped Its Nuclear Missile Tests

A recent study by a group of geologists discovered that the mountain used by North Korea for its nuclear bomb testing has collapsed as a result of the explosions. The collapsed mountain is raising concerns about radioactive fallout, which could make its way into China.

Scientists from the University of Science and Technology of China believe this could be the true reason North Korean President Kim Jong-un announced the halt of their nuclear testing program.

I think KJU has stated that that is not the case and that they have also other underground nuclear testing facilities.

Matt Franko said...

“concerns about radioactive fallout, which could make its way into China.”

That would be a howl!

Tom Hickey said...

The Western media is generally clueless. They don't do the background work of journalism, and they are into projecting their own biases. Or they are just stenographers for the creators of the narrative.

Waste of time reading them unless you like stupidity and perfidy.

Noah Way said...

That would be a howl!

Actually, that would be a humanitarian disaster, but I wouldn't expect you to know the difference.

Matt Franko said...

NK is a humanitarian disaster...

Noah Way said...

Well said. For reference: The Hidden History of the Korean War, I.F. Stone.