Sunday, April 22, 2018


Macron: I’m Here to Make France Great Again

Macron States – “I Am Putin’s Equal”

French President Wants America To Go To War In Syria

How Emmanuel Macron Became the New Leader of the Free World

French president to call for American ‘militarism’

How the UK's special relationship with the US was replaced by Macron's 'relation spéciale'

Macron: US, France and allies should not leave, must build 'new Syria after war'

Macron to advocate long-term nation-building in Syria during U.S. visit

French President Emmanuel Macron: I’m Here to Make France Great Again
At least 55% of French ‘dissatisfied’ with President Macron – poll

Macron To Trump: "You Make Trade War Against Everyone, Come On...You Need Allies"

French President Mocks Trump Over Putin: 'When You Are Weak, [Putin] Uses It'


Kaivey said...

Yep, the election was fixed, he's just what the neocons wanted and the rest of the elite wanted. He was said to be an outsider, but he was well seasoned insider.

So he wants war with Russia on Syria, and blow France off the face of the map. They all want those pipelines and oil. So much for capitalism or democracy, just go in and take it.

He is modernizing France, ie, setting the clock back to feudalism.

I remember when the Tories embraced Japanese cars. I thought, that's strange, I thought they were patriotic. The working class Tories I worked with said they were better than British cars, and they probably were. What no one knew at the time, though, was that Japan was a vassal state of the US, and the British elite had invested heavily there. British workers had good wages and benefits, and this was the way to undercut them. This was the start of off-shoring, the beginning of "modernization" in Britain. It's been all downhill since where we are always broke and need to tighten our belts.

Noah Way said...

Former (if there is such a thing) Rothschild banker.

#MarkAnthonyGiven said...

One can easily imagine that an indictment may not have come for Sarkozy if Hillary Clinton had been the conqueror in 2016’s US Presidential race. It is as if these heads of state were, in reality, a self-perpetuated organized crime network acting in the guise of political maneuvering.
Sarkozy’s indictment speaks to an audience much broader than France: it is relevant to war-ravaged Libya, to the families of Chad preyed upon by Zoe’s Ark, and to Sarkozy and Clinton’s shared hatred of WikiLeaks. Sarkozy’s downfall sends a reverberation through the geopolitical landscape that suggests the Clinton political cabal is finally giving way, tumbling piece by piece. #ManufactoredConsent
#PSFUCKYOUJOHNPODESTA #AndrewBrietbart #IAmAndrewBrietbart

Konrad said...

KAIVEY WRITES: “This was the start of off-shoring, the beginning of 'modernization' in Britain. It's been all downhill since where we are always broke and need to tighten our belts.”

Average Britons are broke because of gratuitous austerity.

The British government can create infinite pounds sterling out of thin air, and pounds sterling are widely accepted outside the UK. Likewise, the US, Canadian and Australian governments can create infinite dollars out of thin air, and those dollars are widely accepted outside those nations’ borders.

Therefore the US, UK, Canadian, and Australian governments have no shortage of money, despite having the largest trade deficits in the world. All four governments can create infinite money out of thin air, and their money is used worlkwide.

Therefore when the US, UK, Canadian, and Australian governments impose austerity, it is entirely gratuitous, since it is unnecessary. For the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, the sole function of austerity is to widen the gap between the rich and the rest. Austerity does this by creating pretexts for privatization. The government starves a public agency of money (e.g. the NHS) and then claims that the only way to “save” the agency is to privatize it (i.e. give it to rich oligarchs who then run it on a for-profit basis).

This nightmare continues because average Britons, Americans, Canadians, and Australians are stupid. They think that a currency issuer, which creates infinite money, is the same as a currency user, which is always revenue-constrained. When Anglo governments falsely claim that there is “no money” for social services, the stupid peasants believe it, even though money is literally infinite.

For the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, the “national debt” is trivial. It merely represents the amount of money that investors have temporarily deposited in central bank savings accounts. These deposits have no bearing whatsoever on these governments’ ability to create money out of thin air. Politicians falsely claim that the trivial “national debt” (i.e. public debt) is a disaster, so the masses don’t dwell on private debt (e.g. student loans), which is indeed a disaster.

I mention all this because Mike Norman understands it, whereas most people angrily resist it.


Incidentally last week the Nicaraguan government tried an experiment in gratuitous austerity. I myself supported President Ortega and the Sandinistas when they defeated U.S., imperialism in the 1980s. Since then, however, they have become hopelessly corrupt and dictatorial. President Ortega and his wife have held power for 11 years.

Nicaragua’s government creates its own currency out of thin air, and therefore has infinite money to pay Social Security benefits forever. Last Wednesday, Nicaragua’s government suddenly claimed that Social Security benefits had to be cut, and employee (plus employer) contributions had to be increased, in order to “lower the deficit.” That was entirely unnecessary, and was therefore a gratuitous attack on workers.

In response, the Nicaraguan masses erupted in demonstrations so furious that by the fourth day (Sunday 22 April 2018) they forced President Ortega to reverse the Social Security cuts.

End of experiment in gratuitous austerity.

Kaivey said...

I love your posts, Konrad, I think you should as to write on MNE's. I was thinking of putting out one of your replies as an article because I thought everyone should read it. It was about Theresa May's husband and the armament companies.

I've kind of figured it all out now, what's going on. We had competition from Japan and Asia, but what we didn't realise was that the Western elite had invested heavily in these countries because workers in the West had won good wages and conditions. Now they have destroyed much of the unions and lots of people are on rock bottom wages and conditions. Many are self employed and so they have no conditions at all. Rank Xerox made many of their engineers self employed, and the washing machine repair companies did the same, and so on.

It is not capitalism, but imperialism. The middleclass and the working class are indeed stupid. The Conservatives serve the elite, not Conservative voters. I remember seeing a documentary about the small and medium sized businesses they had destroyed. One factory owner had a heart attack. They were bringing in all this competition destroying industrial Britain.

My neighbour was a staunch Conservative who had to sell her house to give her son enough money so that he could put a deposit down in a house. She now lives in a tin shack in the countryside. He was also maxed out with student loans.