Thursday, April 26, 2018

Tom Peck - Theresa May struggles to answer when confronted live on TV about nurses going to foodbanks

Britain is one of the richest countries in the world, but Therese May says we've run out of money.  Hey, Theresa, your friends have stashed £trillions of our money over at the Caimans, but we have to tighten our belts here yet again because neoliberalism and Tory capitalism are so pathetic that the Britain is broke again! Why do the public fall for it, after 40 years of the Thatcher miracle and we are more broke than ever? Thatherism doesn't work, Theresa, and your economic system is a load of rubbish! Time to scarp it and start again. But now doubt your neoliberal media friends will do their tricks and stunts for you again to fool the British public yet again.  
Theresa May has said there are "many complex reasons" why nurses are using food banks.
Pressed by the BBC’s Andrew Marr, in highly awkward exchanges, the Prime Minister was asked if she agree it was "surely wrong" that nurses are using food banks, as recent reports show.
Theresa May replied: "There are many complex reasons why people go to food banks and I want to create an economy where we have a strong economy where we pay for public services that we need but we are also creating secure jobs."
Marr said: "The problem people have is that they haven’t got enough money to eat at the moment."
The Prime Minister said: "Yes, and you’re only going to be able to do this if you have strength in the economy."
The Independent 


Anonymous said...

... door keepers for kaivey: attention economy [PremR]

Ralph Musgrave said...

In view of May's desire to turn Britain into something resembling the Islamic part of Nigeria in 50 or 100 years time, perhaps you could in future refer to her as "Sharesa May".

Alternatively in view of her dislike of free speech, you could call her "Ubergruppenfuhrer Theresa von May".