Thursday, April 26, 2018

Pepe Escobar — Why Europe is afraid of the New Silk Roads

The BRI, for Beijing, is all about geopolitical but most of all geo-economic projection – including the promotion of new global standards and norms that may not be exactly those practiced by the EU. And that brings us to the heart of the matter, not enounced by the leaked internal report; the intersection between BRI and Made in China: 2025.
Beijing is aiming to become a global high-tech leader in less than seven years. Made in China: 2025 identified 10 sectors – including AI, robotics, aerospace, green cars and shipping and shipbuilding – as priorities.

Western global preeminence is threatened economically.
As Bauer CEO Thomas Bauer told Reuters: “(Rivalry with China) will not be a contest against copiers. It will be one against innovative engineers.”
The obvious problem that Western countries face against China is the difference in population. There are going to be a lot more highly qualified Chinese engineers.

Asia Times
Why Europe is afraid of the New Silk Roads
Pepe Escobar

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