Thursday, April 26, 2018

Philip Giraldi — How False Flag Operations Are Carried Out Today

False Flag is a concept that goes back centuries. It was considered to be a legitimate ploy by the Greeks and Romans, where a military force would pretend to be friendly to get close to an enemy before dropping the pretense and raising its banners to reveal its own affiliation just before launching an attack. In the sea battles of the eighteenth century among Spain, France and Britain hoisting an enemy flag instead of one’s own to confuse the opponent was considered to be a legitimate ruse de guerre, but it was only “honorable” if one reverted to one’s own flag before engaging in combat.
Today’s false flag operations are generally carried out by intelligence agencies and non-government actors including terrorist groups, but they are only considered successful if the true attribution of an action remains secret. There is nothing honorable about them as their intention is to blame an innocent party for something that it did not do. There has been a lot of such activity lately and it was interesting to learn by way of a leak that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has developed a capability to mimic the internet fingerprints of other foreign intelligence services. That means that when the media is trumpeting news reports that the Russians or Chinese hacked into U.S. government websites or the sites of major corporations, it could actually have been the CIA carrying out the intrusion and making it look like it originated in Moscow or Beijing. Given that capability, there has been considerable speculation in the alternative media that it was actually the CIA that interfered in the 2016 national elections in the United States....
Strategic Culture Foundation
How False Flag Operations Are Carried Out Today
Philip Giraldi, former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer, now Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest and founding member of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

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Noah Way said...

There is no doubt that the CIA carries out various domestic "activities" (despite the clear illegality of such action) and they likely 'participated' in the election in some way. But a CIA false flag election hack would have left blatantly obvious evidence that could not easily be refuted. Instead all we have is a mountain of heresay and no credible evidence - unless of course you believe "unnamed intelligence officials, citing secret documents" (to quote the NYT).

Aside from that Hillary was their candidate and any manipulation would have been in her interest, not Trump's - who they have had to wrestle to maintain control.

The real election fraud is the entire system from shadow financing and media conglomeration to the party duopoly that eliminates any other choice.