Sunday, April 29, 2018

Jonathan Larson — Are we doomed?

Are we living in denial because the consequences and alternatives are unthinkable for most? Or are the doomsayers wrong?

Some of alive right now won't be alive to find out. Some may find out and likely will. Even so, our offspring most certainly will find out. It could be a very unpleasant discovery through experience.

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Are we doomed?
Jonathan Larson


Kaivey said...

I remember seeing a program many years ago about a country that was losing too much of its forests, but the people needed fire wood to cook and kept chopping them down. I was alarmed, with the world population rising, would we eventually run out of trees, I thought? Well, those solar panels sound a good idea.

Anonymous said...

I must admit I stand in awe of the magnitude of the ‘human problem’ – although I think the answer is emerging.

I draw a parallel to ‘flat-earth-theory’ kind of consciousness.

I think all of politics, religion and economics, is flat-earth-theory. It’s like little kids who make up their own game out of their own imagination, and are unable to see how destructive and senseless it is – how empty the pursuits. How transparent and hollow the game they have wrapped themselves in; how boring and monotonous, meaningless its discordant chant – compared to Life. How insignificant is the human being in cosmos, when it does not know its true value.

To be aware of something, we have to have experienced it for ourselves. This is knowledge – knowing.

There must be consciousness of what it means to be a human being; to live, to grow and expand – as a human.

Life gives significance to everything but the human has no idea what it is. It knows the lower personal ego and all of its limited dreams and ambitions; it knows mind, but not the self.

Life is about consciousness and consciousness must emerge, and it will, pushing all else out of the way. It has behind it a universal power that can only be experienced. There is a difference between believing and knowing. Beliefs can run wild. It is mind unchecked, which has dreamt up our world - greed runs rife!

Like any birth, it can be done peacefully or painfully (for humans both) – hence the effort in the world today to connect people to the heart and show the vapidity of mind.

People look at the world through the eyes of the world but must learn to see straight through that mist to the reality. “Let the ‘eye’ be single and the ‘body’ will be full of light”.

The reality is beautiful; beyond imagination. Peace is possible because it already exists within each person.

You cannot solve your problems on the outside: - the problem maker is not the problem solver.

Self-knowledge is the human answer because the self brings light to a very dark room. It’s Nature’s TINA – not mine.

For me, all the sophisticated people in the world do not have the answer. The human heart has the answer.

It is simple. When one little candle is carried into that dark room and everything lights up and is seen for what it is – it is simple. Even for the experts.

Then they will laugh out loud in delight ...! There is no difference between you and you and you ..... just evolution at its post.

GLH said...

Free trade is a huge culprit behind pollution and most of the other problems the world faces.

Matt Franko said...

Only if the one side in the trade seeks comparative advantage by avoiding proper care for their domestic environment...

Noah Way said...

Or if both sides seek to maximize profit.

Tom Hickey said...

Or if one side is able to exert power to gain advantage.

Andrew Anderson said...

Imagine if we had had ethical finance since, say, 1914 in the US?

One of the consequences (and there are very many positive ones, imo) upshot is that wealth and power would be much more equally distributed and thus the imposition of external costs (e.g. environmental damage) on the many to benefit the few would be much more difficult to achieve.