Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Craig Murray - The Broader View Reveals the Ugliest of Prospects

Would the Guardian, or any of the MSM ask these simple and obvious questions that Craig Murray asks. 

A Twitter post the other day printed documents that showed that the Guardian editors regularly met with MI5 and MI6. It seems that the Guardian was taken over by the intelligence a long time ago. 

In the UK Conservative politicians and the MSM are calling Jeremy Corbyn a traitor who is disloyal to our allies. The Times did a bit piece on him today saying that doubting the U.S. evidence was outrageous. 

I can't see Jeremy Corbyn getting elected as they have smeared him so badly with a very dirty campaign. My girlfriend's mother has voted Labour all her life, but she says she's gone off Corbyn now. 

I saw the films 1984 and Big Brother when I was a teen, and I was made to read Animal Farm and One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich at school as well. But it seems that the West was always really Big Brother after all, because everything is a lie, and it's far worse today. In fact, I find it real spooky, like an Invasion of the Body Snatchers film, where everyone had had their brains taken over, where even some of my friends and my family have been affected. 

We have seen what appears to be the most unconvincing of false flags in the Gulf. I pointed out why it was improbable Iran would attack these particular ships. Since then we have had American military sources pointing to video evidence of a packed small Iranian boat allegedly removing a limpet mine from the ship the Iranians helped to rescue, which was somehow supposed to prove it was the Iranians who planted the alleged device. We also have had the Japanese owner specifically contradict the American account and say that the ship was hit by flying objects.

 The Iranians certainly have a strange method of bomb disposal if they carry it out using unarmoured personnel, with as many as possible crammed into a small boat in immediate contact with the “mine”. It is also hard to understand why the alleged “limpet mines” would be four feet above the waterline.  Limpet mines are placed below the waterline. 

There are numerous reasons for this. Firstly, holes above the waterline will not sink a ship. Secondly, the weight of the water helps contain the blast against the ship. Thirdly, it is obviously harder to detect both the diver placing the mine and the mine once placed if it is below the water. In fact it would be very difficult for a diver to place a limpet mine four feet above the waterline, even if they wanted to. 

 There seems to be a remarkable disconnect between the widespread popular disdain at yet another fake western power casus belli in the Middle East, and the near universal complicity of the UK political and media class in promoting this transparent lie. It is as though even pretending to have any respect for truth and fact has simply been discarded within the UK’s governmental system. Which ought to worry us a lot.

Craig Murray - The Broader View Reveals the Ugliest of Prospects

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