Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Greg Palast - My Daughter Didn't Call Me on Father's Day

I got this email from Greg Palast today, who seems to be trying to contact his daughter through the public domain. I was really touched by it. Greg Palast is a great guy.

A dad couldn't ask for more.  My daughter wrote an essay, "The Best Dad in the Whole World."  It went on, story after story, about the unforgettable things we did together.

Here’s a few seconds from the poem she added:

That was ten years ago.  

The last thing she wrote to me, this year, was, "I don’t have a single happy memory from my childhood."

And she had a court change her last name.


When does the unforgettable get forgotten?

And will the forgotten be remembered again?

Investigative reporters are supposed to have answers.  

Today, I only have questions.

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