Saturday, June 22, 2019

Red Line

Diagram (abstraction) below of how it appears the academe is currently bifurcating mankind via the two different methods of training it employs.

One should NEVER directly cross the red line; this is how we are presently ending up with all the current reification errors with regard to the figurative "money!".  Right side people (morons) are directly shifting from lower right side (Figurative) to upper left side (Real), directly crossing the red line.

99.99% (abstraction) of the "out of money!" morons are being trained via the right side method; many of whom are in actual high level policy making positions of authority (SCARY!!!!); or worse they are not trained at all.

They are having major cognitive problems employing their method in the lower right zone (The Figurative).  As a result they are trying for some reason to directly cross the red line to the upper left (The Real) and reifying what is properly understood as The Abstract (USD) under the left side method.

The result is that they are thinking the right side figurative "money!" is REAL and that somehow we can run out of it... (btw same with their treatment of the Accounting abstraction termed Reserve Assets and we get the moron "lend out the Reserves!" and the resultant regulatory chaos)...  MAJOR cognitive errors being made negatively effecting mankind in material (Real) terms.

If your going to try to get to the left side of the red line starting from right (which perhaps may not be a good idea under ANY circumstances..) but if you still want to try, suggest take the route identified by the green line at the top of the diagram, then perhaps you should have less of a chance of making a reification error but good luck.