Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Jimmy Dore - Mike Gravel Smashes War Machine With Facts

Another superb video from Jimmy Dore.

Mike Gravel, a former senstor, says how China is not entering an arms race with the U.S because they know no one can use nuclear weapons without killing themselves as well. It's only takes about 20 nuclear bombs to cause a nuclear winter, which will kill the winners within ten years too, and in fact, most life on Earth will die too.

Sadly, what may worry the elite more than the nuclear winter, is that the Western financial system would probably collapse too and then they would lose all their money.

Mike Gravel adds that the U.S would love China to enter the arms race because it's military industrial complex would be able to sell more weapons, which is how the elite make most of their money.

Mike Gravel says how the Chinese government has pulled the Chinese people out of poverty over the last 50 years, but now China has spare capacity and needs to sell abroad to keep its people employed. So the Chinese are building the New Silk Road all over the world, and in any country that wants it.

China invests in other countries infrastructure by lending then money, but if the loans go bad they don't want the money back, nor do they want the country's assets, as the IMF and the World Bank does. They might renegotiate with a country that they manage these collapsed industries for a number of years - 90 years is quoted in one example. The Chinese government seems to be good at running state industries and businesses.

John Perkins says how the West enslaved the world by giving third world countries loans they knew they would never be able to pay back, and in fact, they often loaned money to crooked political leaders who they knew would embezzle the money. In this way, the West was able to get to own most of the assets in the world, which was financial warfare rather than military warfare. but military warfare comes after everything else has failed.

The Western system impoverished third world countries, and this was known as imperialism, but the Chinese government want other countries to be prosperous because they want them to be wealthy enough to be able to buy Chinese products and services. Everyone wins!

The Chinese may well be motivated by self-interest, like everyone else, but one system is healthy and the other is pathologic. But Mike Gravel believes the Chinese government is genuinely committed to socialism.

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Andrew Anderson said...

The West, like the rest of the world, largely runs on bank deposits, with fiat use largely* limited to the banks. But the banks only need fiat to pay taxes and to settle differences among themselves so they typically control far more fiat than they need.**

So what do the banks do with that extra fiat? They lend to poor countries to drive them into debt. And while a monetarily sovereign government might freely forgive a foreign country's debt, a private bank cannot be so generous and will seize assets if it can.

So, to the extent one favors privileges for the banks, one also favors oppressing poor countries as well as oppressing his own fellow citizens.

*Physical fiat, aka "cash", is an exception but its use is limited and largely transitory.
** Which is why the so-called "natural interest rate" tends toward zero percent.