Saturday, June 22, 2019

Trump Has a $259 million Reason to Bomb Iran — Eli Clifton

Do the names Sheldon & Miriam Adelson, and Bernard Marcus right a bell?

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Trump Has a $259 million Reason to Bomb Iran
Eli Clifton


Kaivey said...

Why doesn't Trump do the right thing and go down in history as extroadinay? It's got to be better than just making a load of money.

We can't vote the ruling elite out of power, so it's close to a dictatorship.

Get money out of politics!

Kaivey said...

There was a show on RT the other day where Putin at an auditorium spoke to hundreds of people and it was live.

People asked and long waiting times to see a consultant at some of the hospitals, and Putin acknowledged the pay was too low and too doctors had emigrated.

He addressed the quality of the drinking water in a particular town and said he was going to sort it.

He said he was going to release some whales a private company had caught. Campaigners had said their captivity was cruel. Putin said the whales were worth a hundred million and he said when big money is involved things always get difficult, but he had secured their release now. He said it will have to be done slowly and carefully because the whales were not used to the wild anymore.

Wow, I thought, do our leaders ever do this, talk live directly to the people?

Putin was held responsible for the quality of the water and hospital staff pay.

I the address went on for over three hours. I only watched a small bit of it.