Saturday, June 29, 2019

Kevin Vincent - Guardian Propaganda

Natalie Nougayrède is a very hawkish journalist who works for the Guardian, and all she ever writes about is how bad Putin is.

I put out a post here last week where a journalist uncovered documents which showed that the Guardian editors regularly met with MI6 to discuss how best to report the news.

From the Guardian

Forget Putin’s ‘liberalism’ jibe. This man runs a war machine

For too long, the west has turned a blind eye to Russian atrocities in a string of wars

Nougayrède's article is one of the most outrageous pieces of pure propaganda I've seen, where all her facts are in reverse to the truth. She said that Putin runs a war machine that is always at war. Hang on a minute, did I read the right, surely she is talking about the U.S. which has been continually at war since 9/11, smashing the ME up and killing millions.

If you read the article you will see how she portrays Putin as a cunning, sly fox, who is always conniving, cheating, and lying. It's like a caricature of an evil person. See where she says, 'smirks'. Well, we all smirk from time to time. Propaganda always looks childish and this does too.

Ever the opportunist, he takes what’s on offer, he glides, he smirks. And he watches with glee as we huff and puff at his provocations, whose over-riding purpose is to keep us on edge and play on our divisions.

Also, the Guardian today had an article on Maduro's son, Nicolasito, who they portray as a gold dealer and playboy who lives the good life  while the Venezuelans go hungry.

Mini-Maduro targeted as US turns screws on Venezuela leader's son

The US has imposed sanctions on Nicolasito, 29, who claims to be an economist and a flautist and has faced claims of nepotism
“Maduro relies on his son Nicolasito and others close to his authoritarian regime to maintain a stranglehold on the economy and suppress the people of Venezuela,” said the treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin.

Putin is no angel, and Russia and Venezuela are not perfect, but I know propaganda when I see it.

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