Sunday, June 23, 2019

America Must Prepare for the Coming Chinese Empire — Robert D. Kaplan

Robert Kaplan does geostrategy and does a credible job of it. In my view he sees the big picture  in outline pretty well, although I would quibble with some of the details. It is written from the US POV, of course, but he is able to stand back from it enough to make the article worth a read. Robert Kaplan and his spouse Victoria Nuland are mainstays of US foreign policy, so it is important for that reason alone.

The National Interest
America Must Prepare for the Coming Chinese Empire
Robert D. Kaplan | managing director for global macro at Eurasia Group

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The following is a transcript of Robert D. Kaplan's speech at the Michael J. Zak Grand Strategy Lecture on March 7th, 2018.

Robert Kaplan: Grand Strategy and the Return of Marco Polo's World


Clint Ballinger said...

It is crazy - The US (and rest of world to lesser extent) has fuelled this rise by literally paying for the development of Chinese industry/technology and simultaneous hollowing out of US/their own industry/capacity. Madness

Andrew Anderson said...

Madness Clint Ballinger

Ethical finance would have resulted in US business and industry that was largely worker owned.

Why? Because capital owners could then not avoid:
1) Paying workers honest interest rates for their savings
2) Sharing equity with them.
Not if they wished to be competitive.

And with worker owned business and industry there would be no huge incentive to outsource their own jobs.

What's that saying? "No justice, no peace"? That an Old Testament theme too.

Bill J said...

Nuland is Kagans spouse

Kaivey said...

Crikey, that's progressive, Andrew!