Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Adam White - Oliver Stone defends Russia’s ‘anti-gay propaganda’ law and asks Putin to be daughter’s godfather

The filmmaker has been friendly with the Russian president for several years

The Russian law about 'anti gay propaganda' doesn't seem that bad to me. All cultures are different, and that law suites them. It doesn't make the Russians evil, and they could be right. Russia is still a liberal culture

Vladimir Putin is believed to be godfather to Oliver Stone’s 22 year-old daughter, after transcripts from an interview between the pair revealed that Stone had taken advantage of an Orthodox Christian tradition that means no one asked to be a godparent can refuse the honour.

In the same interview, Stone also called Russia’s “anti-gay propaganda” law, which Putin has claimed protects children from pro-LGBTQ+ influence, “sensible”.

The Independent 

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