Monday, July 22, 2019

Godfree Roberts on China

The Unz Review
Xinjiang Update

China Trade War: America's Policy Dilemma

Godfree Roberts

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Kaivey said...

Thanks, Tom. The BBC is going ten-to-a-dozen making propaganda videos about the Chinese treatment of the Uighur Muslims. The narrator comes over as a really considerate liberal who cares about minorities. But I've been telling people he's a Propagandist who could start WW3.

I wrote in the comments section underneath, that when Jihadists did 9/11, the US went on the rampage in Afghanistan and Iraq killing millions, but China prefers to reeducate Jihadist extremists. That doesn't sound too bad to me, I added.

I wrote this in the Guardian's CiF under an article they wrote about the Uighurs, but they promptly removed it. It's true, though, and it makes you see how propaganda works.