Friday, July 19, 2019

Nothing has changed

Unqualified Art Degree morons still in control; arguing with each other based on their "out of money!" cognitive error.

Nothing has changed...

The Trump administration late Thursday gave Democrats a menu of $574 billion in savings options from which to find $150 billion to offset the costs of a two-year budget cap agreement. 
The official described the White House demand as a starting point.
Roughly half of the administration proposals are cuts and the others come from reforms, two people familiar with the proposal said. One of the suggested reforms is the drug pricing plan from the White House’s 2020 budget, which would save $115 billion, one of the people said. 
There are no revenue or tax increases on the list. 
The offer also includes a proposal to extend budget caps for two extra years after they expire in 2021 in order to save $516 billion. Under current law, $126 billion in automatic cuts would take effect by the end of the calendar year if the caps are not raised.