Saturday, July 27, 2019

Bloomberg - Everything You Want To Know About Modern Money Theory

Bard College Economics Professor L. Randall Wray explains the controversial idea that’s gaining acceptance with Bloomberg's Cristina Lindblad and Peter Coy.

But the right-wing doomsters are going full pelt underneath.

From the comments section -

It is amazing that someone calls himself economist after ignoring economic history. ALL nations who printed/coined/digitalised money at will went broke. It takes an hour or two to study cases like Greece, Rome, Byzantine Empire, Brazil, Venezuela, Congo, to point the places I can recall. Keep printing money, America, like there's no tomorrow. Live the fake life a little longer. Hangover is coming.


Exactly. The British tally stick system lasted 8 centuries before their holders were paid off in gold. Any day now...the collapse. The Roman empire only lasted 1000 years...any day now.

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Kaivey said...

I place them on the right.