Monday, July 22, 2019

Left-wing Response to Budget Deal

Liberal Art trained on steroids AOC (ALERT: figurative language here morons, I don't actually think she is on PEDs) chiming in on cue with more figurative language in this typical form of an analogy we often see from MMT people; seemingly trying to correct the "out of money!" reification error continuously being made by the fellow Liberal Art trained moron policymakers with this analogy: "how come when we need money for [insert non-left-wing priority program here], you never see them say blah, blah, blah..?"

The employment of even more figurative language analogy like this, it appears trying to bait the other side to enter into a dialectic exchange of even more figurative language...  hasn't worked.... is not working... and will never work...

You can't correct a reification error thru simply the employment of even more figurative language... you have to reverse from the figurative back towards the literal... (if you actually understand the literal..)

Make an adjustment already... OR ... continue to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result... (TIP: its never going to happen...)