Saturday, July 27, 2019

Links — 27 July 2019

Fort Russ News
Czech military expert: Russia was to be dismembered in the ’90s

Craig Murray Blog
Tanker Seizures and the Threat to the Global Economy from Resurgent Imperialism
Craig Murray, formerly British ambassador to Uzbekistan and Rector of the University of Dundee

Hunter Biden's Ukraine job raises conflict of interest questions
David Nather

Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science
The Economist does Mister P
Andrew Gelman | Professor of Statistics and Political Science and Director of the Applied Statistics Center, Columbia University

The National Interest
RIP F-35: Russia Could Turn Su-57 Into 6th Generation Super Stealth Fighter
Dario Leone

The National Interest
World War III? How Russia, China, Japan and South Korea Nearly Started a War
Sebastien Roblin

Marko Marjanovic

Checkpoint Asia
China Readiess $29 Billion to Fuel Rise of Chip Industry
Sarah Dai, South China Sea Post

China, Russia should strengthen cooperation in technologies, energy — [Chinese] foreign minister


Kaivey said...

I put this all over Twitter -

Russia was to be broken into small states by the West, its resources stolen, and its people turned into slaves until Putin came along and stopped it.

Tom Hickey said...

I posted this recently. It explains why, and why it remains the chief strategy of the Anglo-American Empire geopolitically in order to secure permanent global hegemony.


I have explained this extensively in previous comments here at MNE in terms of geopolitics and geostrategy. This led to WWI, was the reason for the Treaty of Versailles that resulted in WWII, the Cold War, the expansion of NATO toward Russia after the collapse of the USSR, and Putin's reaction.

This is also the case with China.

It is the reason behind the humongous US-UK military spending, the "special relationship," and "five eyes" intel.

Now that Russia and China realize it and are teaming up, we'll see where it goes.

Add the mounting pressure from climate change to the mix and the situation appears volatile.

Kaivey said...

Some of this will be going out on twitter too. Thanks, Tom.