Thursday, July 25, 2019

Andre Vltchek - Reason Why West Is Determined to Ignore China's Success

Tourists go to China and can't believe what they are seeing, says Andre Vltchek, as they were expecting to see a third world and backward communist country, but they find it looks more modern than anything they have back home. China has superb museums, beautiful public parks, and very clean cities, and the countryside has been developed now too.

Andre Vltchek says China is still at heart a communist country and its capitalist part is there to serve the community.

Everything in China changed. Its cities became clean, green, ecological, full of public parks, exercise machines for adults and children. Urban centers are now overflowing with a first class public transportation (all ecological), with impressive museums, concert halls, excellent universities and medical centers. Subsidized super-high trains are connecting all major cities of the country. In Communist China, everything is planned by the government and by the Communist Party, and the private sector is there to serve the nation, not vice versa. It works. It works remarkably well. Citizens have much more say about how their country is governed, than those in the West.

Cities are clean, efficient, built for the people. No beggars and no slums. No misery. Things are getting better and better.
Foreigners who come to China for the first time are shocked: China looks much wealthier than the US or UK. Its streets, its airports, its metro systems, high-speed trains, theatres, sidewalks, parks, easily put those in New York of Paris to shame.
But, it is not rich. Far from it! China’s GDP per capita is still relatively low, but that is precisely what makes “socialism with Chinese characteristics” so impressive and superior to the Western capitalism fueled by imperialism. China does not need to have average incomes of some $50,000+ per capita to prosper, to give its people an increasingly great life, to protect the environment, and to promote great culture.
Could it be, that this is precisely why the West is shaking in fear?
The West, where economic growth is everything, where people live in constant fear, instead of optimistic hope for the future. The West, where trillions of dollars and euros are wasted annually, so the elites can live in bizarre luxury and preside over irrational, unnecessary over-production and arms accumulation, which bring no well-being to the majority.
China and its central planning are offering a much better and logical system, for its citizens and for the world.
Most of its science is geared to the improvement of life on this planet, not for cold profits.
President Xi’s brainchild – BRI – is designed to lift up billions of people world-wide out of poverty, and to connect the world, instead of fragmenting it.
So why is President Xi so much disliked in Europe?
Could it be, that it is precisely because of the gigantic success of China?

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