Sunday, February 23, 2020

Dutch former anti-Islam MP says he's become a Muslim

Islam "the biggest disease to have hit our country in the last hundred years" has become a Muslim in a shock conversion. 

Joram van Klaveren was an MP from 2010 until 2017 for the far-right Party for Freedom (PVV) led by anti-Islam and anti-immigration firebrand Geert Wilders. Mr van Klaveren once fiercely advocated Mr Wilders' policies of banning the Koran and closing down mosques. 

However, he has now said that he discovered out he had more in common with Islam than he initially thought when he started research for a book criticising the religion, which caused him to completely change his view. 

The Telegraph 

Dutch former anti-Islam MP says he's become a Muslim


S400 said...

Or maybe he got tired of hearing the same rant like those of Ralf as they didn’t correspond to reality. Who knows?

Ralph Musgrave said...


I see you can't cite any evidence to back your claim about my lack of grip on reality. In contrast I CAN CITE evidence to back my claims. Re the % of Muslims who think apostates should be killed, see here:

My above "half of Muslims world-wide" is a bit of a guess, but as you'll see, there are certainly several large Muslim countries where the relevant % is way OVER 50%.

Re the slow motion genocide of Christians in the Middle East, seems the Archbishop of Canterbury agrees with me. Or perhaps you think he’s an uneducated idiot? See:

S400 said...

Or maybe he got tired of all those who think they have proved something by posting some links. Who knows?