Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Time is NOT real: Physicists show EVERYTHING happens at the same time

TIME is not real - it is a human construct to help us differentiate between now and our perception of the past, an equally astonishing and baffling theory states.

Some physicists think that if the universe started collapsing instead of expanding, then time would go backwards, but it seems that we would still perceive time as going forward. As time slips back each second, we would perceive this as the new now, while completely forgeting the moment before. We would still have memories of our past, which we would slowly forget as we go through each moment. This is the complete opposite of time going forwards. Instead of remembering, we are forgetting, which is the opposite of a world going forward in time.

As we approach the speed of light time slows down, but we wouldn't notice it and everything would seem to be normal. If time were to skip backwards, would we notice that either?

But what if there is no time at all, and everything is here at once?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology physicist Max Tegmark, told space.com: "We can portray our reality as either a three-dimensional place where stuff happens over time, or as a four-dimensional place where nothing happens [‘block universe’] — and if it really is the second picture, then change really is an illusion, because there's nothing that's changing; it's all just there — past, present, future.

“We have the illusion, at any given moment, that the past already happened and the future doesn't yet exist, and that things are changing. 

Daily Express 

Time is NOT real: Physicists show EVERYTHING happens at the same time


Matt Franko said...

Id like to see him design and build a drawbridge...

S400 said...

I would like to see Matt design and build that drawbridge. Especially since you cannot check the oil on your own car.

Matt Franko said...

In Newtonian physics, we have in the numerator of the Force equation the kg-m (aka the Newton for gravity)... its a product of mass x distance...

but we don't say "there is no such thing as mass or distance!" as a result... just because we multiply these abstractions in the numerator...

I think what it is is that these people have Art Degrees in the Discipline of Physics... f-ed up people... the only place they can really work is in the Academe...

Matt Franko said...

and this is revealing from Kevin he says.... out of all of this... if you can believe it..:

"We would still have memories of our past,"

WTF does that have to do with anything??????

We didnt create the abstraction of time (second/minute/hour/day/month/qtr/year...) so you could "remember your past!" or wtf....

thats NOT what it was created for...

get a f-ing grip...

Tom Hickey said...

Meher Baba in The Everything and the Nothing, 33:

"There cannot be anything hidden from the One who is everywhere present, for He is everywhere. And it naturally follows that when there cannot be anything hidden from this One He must also be All-Knowing, knowing everything.
The infinite-Knowing is 'seeing' everything at one and the same time, and seeing it NOW. It is that Knowledge which does not begin and does not end; which is indivisible and continuous, and to which nothing can be added and from which nothing can be subtracted.

It is that Knowledge which makes God at this moment know that which He knew when it occurred countless aeons ago, and makes Him know that which will occur countless aeons hence; that Knowledge which makes everything known to God simultaneously and NOW. It is the Knowledge of the Perfect Masters and the Avatar.

In terms simpler to you it means that which you as individuals know at this moment I knew aeons ago, and what you individuals in ages to come will be knowing at a particular moment, I know now."

Kaivey said...

So, if I'm going back on time, then one day I'm going to end up back in Deacon Street.

Andrew Anderson said...

In terms simpler to you it means that which you as individuals know at this moment I knew aeons ago, and what you individuals in ages to come will be knowing at a particular moment, I know now." Tom Hickey

Yeah, when you can invent your own god, anything is possible for him/her.

But what good is a figment of your imagination? Can that save anyone?

Otoh, the God of the Bible does NOT claim to know everything, e.g. appointing and then rejecting Saul as king over Israel. Also, Jeremiah 17:9-10:

“The heart is more deceitful than all else
And is desperately sick;
Who can understand it?

“I, the Lord, search the heart,
I test the mind,
Even to give to each man according to his ways,
According to the results of his deed"

What need then for God to search and test and if He knows everything?

Marian Ruccius said...

Matt: you have a practical point, but quantum technology ALSO works, and -- religious person that I have taken you to be (?) -- this is basically what St Thomas Aquinas said in the Summa Contra Gentiles.

Marian Ruccius said...

Think: quantum computing, quantum sensors, quantum cryptography, quantum simulation, quantum metrology and quantum imaging—based on properties of quantum mechanics, especially quantum entanglement, quantum superposition and quantum tunnelling.

Tom Hickey said...

To experience your Real Self is the Goal. You are and you will ever be. There is no one else but you. Instantly, in a flash, you will know everything, including why you have no beginning and no end. But this knowing will have nothing whatsoever to do with mind, or reason, or logic. It is beyond mind. You know the answer to everything, you know that nothing has happened and nothing will ever happen. You then experience bliss; you become All-Powerful, All-Knowing.

Baba had this discourse on Omnipresence read:

There cannot be anything hidden from the one who is omnipresent. And as there cannot be anything hidden from such a one, he must be omniscient. He is All-Knowing, knowing everything.

Thus it follows that he must be knowing how to do everything. He will say: “I know how to create everything. I know how to destroy everything. I know how to preserve everything. I know how to do everything.”

Thus he who is omniscient is inevitably omnipotent. His being omnipresent made him omniscient, and this also made him omnipotent. In short, to be omnipresent is to be both omniscient and omnipotent simultaneously. All the three attributes of God are linked with one another, giving rise to the infinite bliss of God. One who is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent cannot help but be in the infinitely blissful state.

Baba further stated:

What happened yesterday? Nothing! What will happen tomorrow? Nothing! Everything happens now. This experience of everything happening at this very moment is dnyan – knowledge, wisdom. It has nothing to do with the mind, or reason. One who had this experience of eternal knowledge – dnyan – is wise. Mind says: “It was yesterday that Baba was here, Baba gave us a discourse and we all listened, and the children had a party.” And mind also says: “Tomorrow, we will have a performance.”

But one rare being knows that there is no such thing as yesterday or tomorrow. There is the Eternal Now from the beginningless beginning to the endless end. There is one moment only – the Eternal Now. He who experiences the Eternal Now finds all doubts, worries, everything dissolved like mist, and remains in eternal bliss.

Lord Meher, 1st. ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 15, p. 5422. Revised Online Edition, p. 4383

jrbarch said...

And we are put on earth, a little space, so that we may learn to bear the beams of love. [William Blake 1800]

I find it intriguing.

We have something called existence; self-consciousness, awareness – but of what are we aware?

We postulate that this awareness springs, like a genie from a lamp: - all because a few quarks, leptons and force carriers, out of which the whole universe is made – magically rub themselves together. The universe, or at least this planet, must be some kind of jokester; the clowns produced!

Instead of just focusing on ourselves, to find out what we are, we focus on everything else.

Is the universe expanding, or is it just the light finally arriving from the far edges? What does it matter, to you? You exist – then you don’t (as far as you know) – that’s Time for you. Indivisible.

This genie, this self that we are – its vehicle is the human persona (ego, mind, emotions and particles). The mind is the ‘slayer of the real’ because ego is just a wave in the mindstuff – not the self. And yet we chase it, 24/7. This world is the grand illusion of mind – nothing in it is real. I am not saying you shouldn’t fly a plane or play the stock market – but just recognise it isn’t real. It’s actually quite liberating. You begin to appreciate your own existence.

You are a human being – what is that all about? What were you created for (not what can the society hijack you for)?

And actually, all the experts are missing one little thing – we also have a heart!

Where your courage lies, where your hope lies, where your thirst lies, where your fulfilment and strength lies; where your true knowledge and intelligence lies - where the greatest love story in the whole universe lies - within your experience. The heart is a part of that mystery we call consciousness and no one bothers to explore it. It lives in the inner world of consciousness and not the outer world of the persona.

It is a door and I am not the first one to say it. What you are looking for, is already inside of you – always has been. You are human – you are meant to find it. You do not exist for any other purpose and that’s not just me saying that.

If you want to see who you are, why you are, what you are – like everyone else ever to come before – you have to find someone who can show you THAT. Or you can read a book and have endless discussions and coffee, if content with concepts and theory ..... books belong to the world of the persona, not the heart.

What this world needs is human beings. That is what is missing. That is the challenge. It is time for the heart in the human being to evolve, even when it looks darker than it has ever been. Look around you and it is already happening ... one by one.

S400 said...

”I think what it is is that these people have Art Degrees in the Discipline of Physics... f-ed up people...”

Matt’s Art Degree conspiracy again.

Peter Pan said...

So what is the aging process?
Why do we measure it in Earth orbits?

jrbarch said...

“So what is the aging process? Why do we measure it in Earth orbits?”

Yes – humans love to measure; everything! Whip out those little measuring sticks we have in our back pockets and away we go. STEM units on one side; ART units on the other. ! $signs in our eyes ....

A tiny little perturbation in a quantum field and a lepton, or quark, or force carrier is born. A little wave, a little particle rises up in a quantum ocean, then sinks back down again and is forever gone. That’s you and I; and the universe too. That’s birth, life and death – ageing. We only get to do something with the life part. That’s our opportunity; our gift. Something to understand; something to celebrate.

A little wave comes into this world and a brand new human is born. A brand new consciousness: - no gender, no race, no agenda other than a heart that wants to be content; and a mind (that can be used) to screw everything up, royally. Wrapped in the swaddling clothes of a human persona, that from day one will definitely be programmed to believe all sorts of weird things. Kill everyone that doesn’t look like me!

Within the human heart is something that is timeless, always existing, FULL of everything we need (not want). The same essence. There will always be ageing but there will always be the Self too. We get to choose. Measuring sticks absolutely useless ... only the heart can know. It takes a while for the mind to catch up...

We only get seventy laps around the sun - so that's why we measure in earth orbits. Wake up! Wake up! ...

Peter Pan said...

Why do humans, on average, get 70 laps around the sun?
Why do some Bristlecone Pine trees get over 5000?
Why are the cells that line our digestive tract, get only 8 hours (1/1095th of a lap)?

It may be a trivial measurement, yet it is an event that is observable and quantifiable. Without this measurement, Global Positioning systems would not work.

Kaivey said...

They say butterflies live for a few days to a few weeks. As a kid, I thought that was hard, but if time is in our minds,then two days might a very long time for a butterfly.

jrbarch said...

I think time will turn out to be just a phenomena of the brain consciousness (i.e. consciousness 'trapped' in the transponder of the brain). To the soul there is no time - just Being. No space, no time, nothing to measure - just Being! Everything a part, made manifest in Being. A Celebration. Absolutely makes sense of everything. Once having climbed the mountain nearest to you, you must go back down to work in the valleys. Just the way it is. No-one can say why. Or why not? Point is (work or play) to enjoy being alive ...

Peter Pan said...

I'm not asking about our perception of time, which varies with age and mood.

If time isn't real, then what are we measuring when we engage in 'timekeeping'?
How does the claim that "time isn't real", alter the functioning of an atomic clock?