Sunday, February 23, 2020

John T Harvey (The Cowboy Economist): The NHS And Healthcare Economics

An excellent podcast by John T Harvey. He seems to have exactly the same political and economic views as me, and his host does too. And guess what, he's English, a London boy, like me, and he was born in Edgware, about 14 miles from where I was born, in Deacon Street, Southwark, and we're about the same age too.

But we have something else in common as well, we both gave ourselves tinnitus listening to loud rock music. Damn!

He explains where the free market prevails, and where public provision serves us better. 

In the UK the government is thinking of putting up barriers in the North Sea to stop Scotland's coastal regions from flooding due to climate change. Now in a libertarian state the locals would not be able to afford these defences, and so if the floods come their livelihoods are likely to be ruined. But collectively, as a nation, we will all pay for the flood defences and I doubt if many people would mind as we see the benefit of the collective security of government. One day my region may need help from the government too. 

Deacon Street got flattened in the late 60's, so only B&W photos left.

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