Thursday, February 13, 2020

The World has never seen anything like it : Australia’s summer of fire

The world has never seen anything like it.

Over five months, bushfires along the south-east coast of Australia have blackened an area bigger than Ireland. They have taken 33 lives, destroyed thousands of homes, shrouded cities in toxic smoke and devastated the country’s unique wildlife.

They have also changed how many Australians think about the climate crisis. What was, for many, an abstract idea set in a distant future has, in the space of one summer, begun to feel like a dystopian everyday reality. As leading researchers have observed, Australia is now "ground zero" in an unfolding catastrophe.

Guardian Australia has spoken to some of the millions of people touched by Australia's summer of dread. Here, we take you on a journey through some of the country's worst-affected areas.

And later this week we launch our new series The frontline: inside Australia’s climate emergency. From extreme heat to warming seas, Australia is experiencing the effects of the global climate crisis more rapidly than much of the world. The frontline shows what ground zero looks like for everyday Australians.

The Guardian 

The World has never seen anything like it : Australia’s summer of  fire

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jrbarch said...

70 – 80m flames roaring over a 30 – 40m tree canopy – unstoppable. Whole communities of people absolutely traumatised; arrogant politicians unable to deal with the reality of the event. Tourism and all the associated small business backbone, broken. The current Govt. unable to deal with the reality of the science, let alone the reality of a dry as a haystack, hugely increased fuel load. The heat from these fires unimaginable. Firefighters in smoke so dense visibility down to a few metres. Politicians still want to hold out their empty pockets. (Empty heads more like it). Human heroism still abounds – so many stories.

ID-IOTA (idiot) small sense of self, unable to extend oneself to others. To see others as a part of yourself; as one with the Self – your Self!

ARTS | SCIENCE – you have two arms, two hands, two eyes, two ears, two nostrils etc – you can get a lot more done if you use them both. We spent thousands of years sitting around campfires telling stories and learning from them – their essence. We ‘extract’ from a good story. The self grows, expands – that is what it is all about. Modern man is a mere 6000 years old. Our ‘science’ even younger. Compared to the 4.6B years of planet earth that produced us, we are just new kids on the block. Still, our scientists have the cognitive development to recognise human induced climate change, but no one else – until something happens. Then, even without the intellectual connections, the penny drops. Unprecedented fire events.

I hope Australia votes our political bastards out of office – but who is there to replace them? In the face of such ignorance, the MMT project is doing incredibly well and Peter Cooper (above) is someone to admire. Is actually doing something. Tom as always, sums it up.