Saturday, February 15, 2020

The Grayzone: Anti-Americanism Isn't an Ideology | BadEmpanada

I quite like BadEmpanada and I think he makes some valid points, but I didn't agree with him about Ukraine and Russia. He might be right about China, but apparently they are going to bring in state healthcare this year. And I'm not sure about the Uighurs, with so much propaganda and counter-propaganda.

What BadEmpanada is saying is that many anti-imperialists hate the West so much that they see all of the Western enemies as the good guys, when they are often not much better.

This video is quite an attack on the Greyzone, who I really like, although they might be a bit naive, but then, they are young(ish) and idealistic. Still, in politics we need get to the truth so we can make informed decisions to stop wars and conflicts.


Peter Pan said...

The Grayzone is a good source of information on what the US and its allies are up to, even though they try to downplay the abuses of these small countries.

Peter Pan said...

Most anti-imperialists can be found in their armchairs, nowhere near a battlefield.