Saturday, February 29, 2020

Political Calculations — Maths on the Back of an Envelope

Fun on one hand but it finishes with an estimate of the effect of the coronavirus epidemic on the Chinese economy, so read to the end.

Political Calculations
Maths on the Back of an Envelope


Matt Franko said...

"Rob Eastaway's latest book, Maths on the Back of an Envelope (more affordably available in the UK), which discusses 'clever ways to (roughly) calculate anything', he tells the story of how Fermi estimated the force generated by the first-ever atomic bomb blast using confetti and a few quick calculations just after it happened:"

this is funny as you Art Degree morons are soooooooooo f-ing stooooooooopid you would say after Fermi looked at the paper shreds moving some miles away from the blast you morons would say..

the science people would say its about 30 kilotons... "if we drop this on Hiroshima we will kill 100,000 people"....

THEN we would drop it and it would ONLY be like 25 kilotons and we would kill like 85,000 people...

and then you morons would say; "hey! Fermi! you were WRONG and f-ed up! hey! you said we'd kill 100,000 and you ONLY killed 85,000!"

THAT is how stupid you people are... you are complete morons and losers...

S400 said...

Lol! Matt makes up a story, ascribe it to “you guys “ and then argue against it. And talks about stupidity! Can’t make this shit up.

Is it the art degree envy or your STEM training talking?

WARNING figurative language - neither art degree or STEM degree can talk!