Thursday, August 27, 2020

GM Sells 15,000 Low-Cost EVs For China In First 20 Days — Raphael Orlove

Automobiles with Chinese characteristics — functional and  low price point. They will likely never be seen in the US. The down market in the US is used.

GM Sells 15,000 Low-Cost EVs For China In First 20 Days
Raphael Orlove

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A Chinese company ventures where GM is so far reluctant to go. The vehicle built to US standards are far more expensive than the models built for China.

China Looks To Dive Into The American EV Market


Matt Franko said...

Car brands in the US are cult-like....

S400 said...

That goes for Europe too.

lastgreek said...

"Car brands in the US are cult-like...."

Matt, that was eons ago.
The number one selling cars in the United States are Japanese cars: Toyota and Honda.

Ford has ceased making cars (except for the mustang). Smart move since nobody in their right mind was buying that junk.

GM should scream "uncle" and also cease and desist from producing cars. Only reason Ford is better than GM is because GM cars are worse than junk. When you see a GM car on the road (and that includes the god-awful Cadillacs), nothing wrong feeling some pity for the ownwer of that abomination.

The rage is SUVs, so if you're buying one instead of a car note that you'll be paying a "popularity premium." And if you got no problem paying this premium, make sure it's either a Toyota or Honda.

Also remember that the smart buyers of Mercedes cars dump their cars after the 5-year warranty is up and get themselves a new one.

Worst SUV on the road that pretends to be a luxury vehicle?

The BMW X-5. Money pit... and that is putting it mildly.

S400 said...

German cars are overrated and overpriced.

Peter Pan said...

Bringing inexpensive Chinese cars to the North American consumer is a sin.