Thursday, August 27, 2020

Greyzone - Col Lawrence Wilkerson: US protects global empire during pandemic, not its own population

A good interview.

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, discusses the connections between the global US empire and the record US death toll during the coronavirus pandemic. "We're really not doing anything very well or right, and that's a consequence in part at least of our fascination with an attempt to maintain and even expand this empire that we've created since 1945," Wilkerson says. He also discusses the breakdown of US-Russia talks on expanding a key nuclear weapons treaty, and new revelations about the Bush administration's drive to invade Iraq. 

Guest: Col. Lawrence Wilkerson. Former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell; currently a distinguished professor at the College of William and Mary.


Unknown said...

What's the connection between a force that believes it alone has the right to determine who shall die like a lethal virus and a president who belies a force in the shape of a private militia whether controlled or not controlled by him has the same power?

You need to suppress both otherwise your country ends up back in the Dark Ages!

Nebris said...

Julian Assange wanted Trump to win because he knew Trump would likely destroy the American Empire. He's come pretty close. That is really why all these Republicans now oppose him. They are Agents of Empire.

Peter Pan said...

American empire is following North Korea in their spending priorities.

Peter Pan said...

535 is the mark of that beast.