Tuesday, August 25, 2020

What's Next For The U.S. Economy: Jeffrey Sachs

Jeffrey Sachs says China is not the enemy, or the dark, evil communist power that many in the US say it is. He's says China is just trying to do its best for its people and the US should do the same by adopting the Swedish model. He says that too many people in the US just want to dominate the world and remain on top rather cooperate with foreign powers to everyone's benefit, including America's.

Economist and best-selling author Jeffrey Sachs says a geopolitical Cold War with China would be a “dreadful mistake.” He explains how globalization will persist as societies and workplaces move online and urges policymakers to come together to tackle issues like climate change. Sachs says the U.S. economy won’t have a “v-shaped” recovery because of he country’s failure to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Peter Pan said...

Can we have a look at Mr. Sachs' investment portfolio?