Wednesday, August 19, 2020

WUPPERTAL [60 fps] The Flying Train, Germany, 1902

🎞 Upscaled with neural networks footage of  "Wuppertal Schwebebahn" shot in 1902. Btw, the train system hasn‘t changed much and still functional. The "Schwebebahn" was built mostly over the river to save space.

✔ Upscaled to 4K;
✔ FPS boosted to 60 frames per second, I have also fixed some playback speed issues; 
✔ Stabilized;
✔ Colorized – please, be aware that colorization colors are not real and fake, colorization was made only for the ambiance and do not represent real historical data. 

ℹ Note: Contrary to the text at the beginning, the city "Wuppertal" didn't yet exist in 1902. Back then, these were a handful of seperated cities and towns called "Elberfeld", "Ronsdorf", "Cronenberg", "Vohwinkel" and "Barmen". These cities were united in 1929 under the name "Barmen-Elberfeld" and were renamed into "Wuppertal" in 1930, according to the fact that the cities are located around the Wupper river.

🎀 An interesting fact about that train system:
Tuffi was a female circus elephant that became famous in West Germany during 1950 when she accidentally fell from the Wuppertal Schwebebahn into the River Wupper underneath.
On 21 July 1950 the circus director Franz Althoff had Tuffi, four years old, to travel on the suspended monorail in Wuppertal, as a publicity stunt. The elephant trumpeted wildly and ran through the wagon, broke through a window and fell ~12 meters (39 ft) down into the River Wupper, suffering only minor injuries. A panic had broken out in the wagon and some passengers were injured. Althoff helped the elephant out of the water. Both the circus director and the official who had allowed the ride were fined. 

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Ralph Musgrave said...

I hope the owners of those nice buildings by the side of the railway got an extremely large amount of compensation for having the facades of their buildings messed up.