Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Stop Trying To Make ‘Herd Immunity’ Happen: Sweden’s Attempt At Covid-19 Herd Immunity Failed, by Misha GajewskiC


They went for herd immunity in Sweden, but one problem, no one wants to be part of the herd.

It will be a few years before we know if whether Sweden’s approach was the right one or not.

While most countries went into lockdown as Covid-19 spread rapidly across the world, Sweden took a different approach and allowed the controlled spread of coronavirus among the population in attempts to achieve herd immunity.

They relied on individuals to responsibly social distance and slow the spread of the disease, but, according to a new study published by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, this decision has been a failure.

"It is clear that not only are the rates of viral infection, hospitalisation and mortality (per million population) much higher than those seen in neighbouring Scandinavian countries, but also that the time-course of the epidemic in Sweden is different, with continued persistence of higher infection and mortality well beyond the few critical weeks period seen in Denmark, Finland and Norway," said, lead author Professor David Goldsmith.



S400 said...

Sweden nerver went for hers immunity. Their strategy has and still is to make their health care not be overwhelmed with severe cases.

S400 said...

Greek linked earlier to a study where things mentioned in this crappy Forbes article was debunked.

Peter Pan said...

Nearly every year there is a new flu season, where we start from square one. Stop worrying about it.

Greg said...

And most flu seasons kill 40,000/yr. in USA. Covid will kill over 250,000 in 12 months. We aren’t even 6 months into it AND we have had severe restrictions on group activities and we are looking at over 5x the usual flu season

Peter Pan said...

And next year a new flu may appear and the whole process begins again... with the human population having risen by 80+ million.

Stop worrying about it.

Greg said...

Have you ever seen a new flu overwhelm a major cities health system in the US, Canada or EU? Never happens

Peter Pan said...

We may be "seeing" this on a regular basis, now that our elites have seen how effective it is in triggering panic. We won't see it in countries who actually prioritize public health, whose officials aren't incompetent, and who aren't power hungry.

Funny how the public doesn't worry about existential threats, like climate change.

Greg said...

Funny how the public doesn't worry about existential threats, like climate change

Mailnly cuz it won’t hurt them for years if at all. Most everyone knows someone who’s died from Covid by now. Maybe not a family member but someone they knew in more than passing.

Peter Pan said...

It's hurting people right now, but they don't make the news.

I expect public consciousness to be different to the everyday parochial concerns of individuals.

Greg said...

You are right Peter

Not only do the people it’s hurting not make the news, most of them wouldn’t list climate change as a top 3 reason for their hurt

Peter Pan said...

They are told they need to stay in their own country. About the only exception to this narrative are Pacific islanders who live on atolls. It remains to be seen if they will be granted citizenship, or end up as refugees. Granting asylum on the basis of climate change would set a legal precedent. Guaranteed this will be resisted, and denied.