Monday, August 17, 2020

Jacob Bergdahl - Why jK8v!ge4D isn’t a good password

They say buying an password app that generates passwords and keeps them in an online vault is the best method, not I've never done it, I just have a book full of random passwords that I hope no one ever finds. When I go on holiday I hide it where I know no one will ever find it.

Take a look at these two passwords



Which password do you think takes the longest for a computer to crack? And which password do you think is the easiest to remember? The answer to both of these questions is password number 2. Yet people are encouraged to create passwords that look like number 1. People have been taught to write passwords that are difficult for humans to remember, for no real reason.

Let’s talk about that.

Jacob Bergdahl - Why jK8v!ge4D isn’t a good password

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Peter Pan said...

Author has never heard of dictionary attacks.

You should use a password manager along with randomly generated passwords.