Monday, October 26, 2020

Craig Murray - Covid-19 and the Political Utility of Fear

 Craig Murray is in the at-risk group as he is over 60, obese, and has chronic illnesses, but he thinks society needs to return to normal because the risk to most people is small and the economy cannot cope with more restrictions. He doesn't mention long-covid. He says the oligarchs are making a fortune out of the crisis. 

At the moment China’s spectacular economic recovery and its very low official coronavirus fatality rates is being questioned by the West. 

I am not a covid sceptic. But neither do I approve of fear-mongering. The risk to the large majority of the population is very low indeed, and it is wrong that anybody who states that fact is immediately vilified. The effect of fear on the general population, and the ability of politicians to manipulate that fear to advantage, should not be underestimated as a danger to society.

There has been a substantial increase in human life expectancy over my lifetime and a subsequent distancing from death. That this trend should be permanent, in the face of human over-population, resource exhaustion and climate change, is something we have too readily taken for granted. In the longer term, returning to the familiarity with and acceptance of death that characterised our ancestors, is something to which mankind may need to become re-accustomed.

Craig Murray - Covid-19 and the Political Utility of Fear 

The percentage of people who become critically ill with Covid in the UK


Peter Pan said...

Message for the sheeple:

Hold your politicians accountable for their crimes. If you don't, the will keep pulling this kind of shit. They will go Big Brother on you.

Go outside and live your lives. Accept that life entails risk. Accept your mortality.

Matt Franko said...

Nice Pete....