Saturday, October 24, 2020

Why Do North Korean Defectors Keep Changing Their Stories


Some of the defectors’ stories seem downright unbelievable. And perhaps there’s evidence that they are, in fact, fabricated. Here’s what we know.

Are the Defectors Telling the Truth? Why the Horrifying Stories of Life in North Korea May Be Fabricated


Peter Pan said...

Why? Because it's a collectivist paradise. If the truth gets out, hordes of South Koreans will demand to get a slice of the good life.

Andrew Anderson said...

Yep, they "collect" for the (fat) thieve at the top.

But who can blame them for being crazy; the US bombed the North to rubble and killed 20% of the population. Even MacArthur was sickened at the death and destruction.

And for what? Because the guilty Western elites were terrified that their own filthy banker-run system could not compare favorably to stupid Communism?

Dante assigned bankers to one of the lowest rings in Hell and if their true toll of victims were known, few would disagree is my bet.

S400 said...

These defectors above are telling the truth to us? You are aware that their speeches are directed to us an not NK people.