Friday, October 23, 2020

The Bill From MMT: Higher Taxes, More Austerity, Rising Inflation Or Eventual Default — Stephen King

Here is the FT "kitchen sink" opinion piece by Stephen King, HSBC’s Senior Economic Adviser and author of ‘Grave New World’ without the paywall.

Zero Hedge
Stephen King


NeilW said...

Pure propaganda

Peter Pan said...

That hack ain't Stephen King.

Andrew Anderson said...

Completely ignores the role of government-privileged private-credit-for-usury cartels wrt price inflation.

Really guys, aren't we finally rich enough in aggregate that the rich need no longer steal from the poor for the sake of "progress"?

If not now, when? After another world war?

Peter Pan said...

When they lose power. Should be any day now... wait for it.

Peter Pan said...

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