Friday, October 30, 2020

Sputnik — Data Sharing Pact in Parliament, Ex-Minister Says

The Narendra Modi government should have debated in Parliament the pros and cons of the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) before finalizing the crucial military pact on sharing geospatial data, former federal minister and Congress MP Manish Tewari told Sputnik on Thursday.

“The implications of getting close to the US are far-reaching and should have been thoroughly debated in Parliament," opines Tewari, adding that “getting closer” to Washington wasn’t necessarily a “wrong thing” against the backdrop of ongoing military standoff with China.

Tewari, however, adds that the Modi government should have followed the Indian parliamentary tradition on holding a proper discussion in the lead up to sealing the satellite data sharing pact.

"There is a distinction between strategic convergence and quasi-military alliances. The latter has far-reaching implications and should have been debated in Parliament," says the Congress lawmaker.

“With the signing of the foundational agreement, India is inexorably drawn into the US' sphere of influence,” underlines the MP....

This was a serious mistake on Modi's part and will come back to bite India and perhaps him. The US will never recognize India as a partner. An empire wants only colonies and vassals. One would think that Indians would have learned from the British experience, as Native American ("Indians") have from the American experience.

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Data Sharing Pact in Parliament, Ex-Minister Says

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Peter Pan said...

India is an English speaking country with ties to the West. Ties are ties, even when they are colonial. It was up to China to pull that rabbit out of a hat.