Monday, October 26, 2020

US, EU capitals redouble efforts to contain Russia’s development - Sergey Lavrov

"Unfortunately, we have to admit that recently, Washington and a number of EU capitals have redoubled their efforts to contain Russia's development; they are trying to punish us for an independent foreign policy, for consistently upholding our national interests. <…> So we have no other choice but to conclude we cannot count on a mutually respectful consideration of the emerging problems, because the West has made it a rule to talk with Russia based on the presumption of its guilt," Lavrov said.

According to Lavrov, in order to justify their actions, including the introduction of new anti-Russia sanctions, Western states "throw in various accusations and insinuations" without showing any facts or evidence. "This rhetoric is always being kept at the ‘highly likely’ innuendo level; those claims are based on fabricated accusations and run contrary to even elementary logic," the foreign minister explained, noting that all Russia’s proposals to set up a professional dialogue on any concerns remain without any reaction....
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