Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fiat Debt Limit Again? Is This A Sign Of The End Times?

Commentary by Roger Erickson

US faces mid-October deadline to raise debt limit

I sincerely wish it would end. It's getting as bad as radio or tv commercials.

Isn't this the 12th time we've heard this message, in recent memory? Who's paying the advertising bill for this campaign?

Let me get this straight, the issuer of a fiat currency is in "danger" of not being able to issue fiat? ...  Uh, .... how is one supposed to respond ... to something that disorienting?  Do you just back away slowly?  Or relieve the derelict of their duty, on the spot?

I'm losing track, what's the difference between:

fiat debt limit ... & ... FUD bet Luddite?

Seriously, you have to wonder how long Socrates listened to Sophists say that HIS dog, which was a mother, was therefore HIS mother ... before 'ol Soc got tired of the inane BS, kicked 'em in the arse, and threw 'em bodily out of the lecture hall!

Seriously folks, we got a country to run here.  And, a half-starved Middle Class to resuscitate. We ain't got time for this.

There are limits to listening to nonsense from Sophist Luddites. Surely 12x is an acceptable limit ... in one month? Even in 3 generations!

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