Thursday, August 29, 2013

People Of Both WalMart and Wall Street are Immune To Self Parody?

Commentary by Roger Erickson

Plus all reflections of it?

Here's the Upper Looting Class' take on things. Bankers Haven't Gone Rogue—Regulators Have

That's their story, and they're sticking YOU to it!

The response from what's left of the US Middle Class? WE’VE BEEN PUBLISHED…AGAIN!

Who knew that there were 2, collectively random paths in this race to the bottom? Each co-dependent upon the other, circling their respectively dimming lights as they sink into the mess.

It's a tag team fight to the finish. Involving the Physically Deprived and Deranged plus the Morally Repugnant and Deranged on one team. There is no other team! [At least no other statistically significant representation, barring a comeback by the Moderate Majority, e.g. those not currently participating in this carnival show.]

So, other than throwing the occasional drone into the international audience, the members of TEAM-USA have dutifully agreed to a brawl among themselves, until a suitable outside challenger shows up. However, the audience is getting restless, and they may not wait long before replacing the whole show with some other production.

If we want to at least preserve the stage, shouldn't TEAM-USA stick to team training, instead of putting on it's own show? Infighting is a lose-lose situation. Zero regulation of national self isn't a useful path. Everything in excess just falls off the rails faster. Or, as Bill Black puts it:

Zero Prosecutions of Elite Banksters is too many Prosecutions for the Wall Street Journal

Who's the producer of this show? MC Voter? Better do something quick, MC.

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