Thursday, August 29, 2013

Learn to trade Forex like the pros. Sign up for my Sep 16 - 20 course while there is still space!

My September 16-20 Forex class is filling up. Register today!

I will be teaching strategies and tactics that will enable you to successfully day trade and swing trade foreign currencies. All instruction on the Oanda system, which is by far the most sophisticated online trading platform. And some of the emerging market currencies that Oanda has available to trade are, Indian rupee, Thai baht, Taiwan dollar, Polish zloty, Hungarian forint and many others.

Some of the things I will be teaching include:

How to take steady, consistent, profits day trading foreign currencies
How to sell high and buy low with ease and precision
How time zones can clue you in to market direction
How to put the odds in your favor on every trade
How to limit losses without frequent stop outs
How to take advantage of the news for big profits
How to use support and resistance the way savvy pros do
Carefree yet highly effective order entry
The smart way to place stop loss orders mental/trader psychology system for stress free trading and ultimate confidence.

Plus much more. Register now!

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