Friday, August 23, 2013

When Will Robert Rubin and Larry Summers Come Clean, and Admit 1% Use of PEPs?

Commentary by Roger Erickson

Brauny guys have come clean about PED*, and Weilly guys have admitted that PEP** was a mistake. So how long can Rubin and Summers shirk morality and continue operating a virtual LieStrong Self-Charitable Foundation?

Never heard of PEP? Surely you had to wonder how skinny-moral guys suddenly end up flexing so much fiat?

You surely can't argue that an entire nation's fiat was in their gene tree, no matter where they landed, or which tree they fell out of.

And what is it all for? Why do we exalt myosin blobs and megalomania sacs? Does the group intelligence of a nation really circle striated muscle tissue, or even hoarded public initiative? Both could be put to work on a greater variety of desired public outcomes. What happened to our sense of NEW adventure and BIGGER vistas to conquer? Forget "Land Ahoy!" We're on to "Dynamic Group Options Ahoy!!!"

Seriously. How dumb do WE think that WE are? Why even bother deluding ourselves? There are many things that feel briefly enticing, but don't remain so for long. It's clearly more productive to be far more selective about our choices - both physical and social. We're easily smart enough to do that, and only need to put in more time and effort on the democracy training field.

So. Was Ruinomics all dependent upon PEP, even if only used by ~1% of the electorate?


Roger Erickson said...

I knew they had to be using PEP. The instant they "balanced" national fiat.

God knows what sleazy stuff Greenspan was on, to father such frauds.

Freeallis? Free Ridealin? There's no telling. No wonder he was so Randy. Who are we supposed to call if the world remains deflated for more than 4 years?

The ego's of these megalomaniacs were so big, they thought they were "self-medicating" the entire nation! It may have pumped up some segments, but it also caused us to blow out our Main Street. Now the whole country needs reconstructive surgery.

Was it worth it? Only if you accept that what goes to Wall St stays in Wall St.

We need a 2nd opinion? And a 1% malpractice solution.

Roger Erickson said...

gag him with a silver spoon?

William Cohan sucks up to Larry Summers