Thursday, August 29, 2013

Do The Suicidal Have An Exit Strategy?

Commentary by Roger Erickson

There is a class warfare and the [Middle Class] is not winning

Isn't class war analogous to Organ War, where the brain has placed a tourniquet around the neck, and the body is losing? :( [As an aside: What would a cultural face-palm signal look like? Please send your suggestions. Can we still muster the cultural bloodflow to signal one to ourselves?]

Instead of focusing on the trivial social-tourniquet question and the trivial answer, let's focus on the audience which must even ask this question of itself, and why it's stuck asking the same old, self-obvious question.

Saying is not the same as being heard. The accurate statement of the old Marketing Rule is that a message has to be RECEIVED 12 times - on average - before it registers with a resident. We have ~315 million residents in the USA alone. Be honest. What's the desired outcome that matters more than all others in this campaign - and what methods are needed to even take a step in that direction? Does 10% of the US electorate understand enough Civic Operations, Political Operations and Currency Operations to even make sense of their collective context?

Hence, don't be surprised that Bill Mitchell is fighting an uphill battle, still trying to get a 6000 year old message heard by an adequate proportion of people. Our population growth rate has ALWAYS outraced our self-knowledge propagation methods.  We keep growing team-size faster than we can perfect team coordination.

Human populations are ALWAYS a context late and a paradigm behind. 

Real things change, folks, so yesterday's adequately real metric is totally nominal, virtual and outmoded today. We just have to keep our civic awareness within striking distance of reality, not necessarily spot on. How do we know when we're failing, and it's time for a version upgrade? When our policy institutions start to become academic jokes?

Before delving into potential methods to use, don't we need to settle on the capabilities we want to achieve? Where are we, where do we want to go, and only then how to get there from here?  Since those all keep changing, what should we focus on?  Most critically, adaptive cultural evolution means keeping an electorate and policy apparatus that can and does ADJUST just fast enough to chase faint survival paths. The path keeps disappearing, so just keep finding the path. Maintain group agility and maneuverability. This ain't rocket science.

That should be obvious to anyone who ever stops to actually think. Unfortunately, we teach - and allow - students to do everything EXCEPT that.

It's no wonder we maintain an electorate that keeps their eyes on everything except our own, emerging OUTCOMES!

Have some of our policy institutions become a total joke? Witness this twitter exchange, then decide for yourself.

@wonkmonk_ @SFFedReserve vasilis @v_vasilopoulos23m 
What Caused the Decline in Long-term Yields? 
Overall? I'd say a long-term decline in Group Intelligence. 
Fiat opinions may vary.

@rgeOps - @wonkmonk_ @SFFedReserve @v_vasilopoulos 
We NEED a long term "yield" from fiat. 
Should it be denominated in real or nominal terms?

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