Thursday, August 22, 2013

Larry Summers Memo Bids Adieu To The Last Well Democracy (not confirmed in the wild since 1945?)

Commentary by Roger Erickson

Has anyone else seen this? Please provide any feedback about it's authenticity.

Larry Summers and the Secret "End-Game" Memo

Or here, if the prior link is overwhelmed.


Who knew that Larry Summers might be living proof of Lily Tomlin's maxim: "No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up."

If there's any sliver of a democracy left in the USA, might this put the nail in the coffin of both our economy AND Larry's clamor to put another "man's man" imprint on the Federal Reserve? 

Lily bar the door? Santa Fraud's already been skulking 'round town!

In fact, he already knows what you've been doing. He knows every word you wrote. He knows where you sleep. He knows that he's been bad. He interpolates what you've been thinking and have bought. So don't shop for heavens sake.

Encrypt anything you write?

And decrypt anything you read in any corporate-owned media.

We've been had? For bad men's sake?
Someone could make a scary, Rubinesque nursery rhyme out of this. The chorus refrain could be: 
 Control Frauds have seized this town. 
 Control Frauds have seized this town. 
 Control Frauds already own ... YOUR nation!

Might the last well democracy coincide with the last well person, for related but analogous reasons, ultimately attributable to the combination of unchecked institutional momentum and active Control Fraud?

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Dan Kervick said...

The memo might be authentic, but the memo itself contains nothing very interesting or revealing. The interesting stuff is all in Palast's background stuff on what the plan was. IBut unfortunately that's not in the memo.