Wednesday, August 21, 2013

SWAMPED By Images Of Ridiculous LACK of Public Investment

Commentary by Roger Erickson

Heritage Foundation's 15 Pictures of Ridiculous Government Spending Guaranteed to Make You Madly Distracted, Divided and Conquered

Why, just for little old us, HF graciously croons: "We’ve compiled just 15 examples of the ridiculous government spending that is driving America toward a $17 trillion [private sector liquidity pool]."

What's wrong with this picture? Is that YOUR culture and heritage foundation protesting too much? Or just ignoring statistics, context and paradigm ... all simultaneously? Why are they dissing orient? They epitomize the confluence of those two concepts!

Sadly, HF's picture of reality is SWAMPED by images of ridiculous LACK of public investment in ourselves. It's the ratio, dudes, not either one.

Yet here they are, trying to impress us with the calamity of the stunning, scary, stop-you-in-your-tracks numeral FIFTEEN!!! Why, it virtually screams off the page! And threatens us with imagery to boot. Hah! Good thing PT Barnum's America is not easily swayed! :)

These HF idiots can't see the fiat for the Forex? Good thing they're not into trading too. They'd drain the Middle Class dry in one generation.

Chock this up to yet another thing that, if the NeoCons can't see, they're hiding from themselves?

It's amazing what a little semantic translation will do to a sophist argument.

I fully expect the Heritage Foundation to respond with a claim that we're running out of soph, and may not be able to scrub the nation clean of logical hearsay. Either their foundation is running, or that's drool on their chin, or both. Regardless, it's a ridiculously sad image, for everyone forced to look. The herits are showing their age, and little more. Time to save us all further embarrassment and shame, by investing in a comfy rocking chair for them, in a house of mirror, where they can't hide from themselves - or anyone else.

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