Friday, August 30, 2013

With Process Issues This Gaping ... Who Knows What HASN'T Fallen Through Cracks In Our Bureaucratic TARP?

Commentary by Roger Erickson

How on earth could a junior analyst, possibly improve the world .. over the decisions of those with .. authority?

This is a curiously loaded statement with multiple implications, whether intended or unintended.

Controlling fraud, at all levels? How on earth can any whistleblower EVER speak truth to power?

If a person this compromised and unprepared, no matter how intelligent, could be haphazardly saddled with so much responsibility for shepherding our own military risk exposure ... what does that say about the level of competence - and responsibility - of those in ranks above him or her?*

If we have to worry more about our own people talking to our own citizens about our own actions ... than we worry about what supposed enemies are doing ... then we're clearly doing the wrong things from the get go!

Given this example, it's no wonder that more sophisticated people in government and on Wall Street - even with less intelligence - were embezzling such massive amounts of fiat from the US Middle Class, by diverting it to maladaptive purposes. What good is Public Purpose if it's stolen, and misapplied to purposes that cause net harm to public purpose?

*Haven't yet heard any summary of how many heads rolled above Bradley Manning's command level, while taking responsibility for the more than one train of incompetent events that led up to the whistleblowing actions.

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Bob said...

The new wave of weapons industry for money making on murder is here evidenced by whistleblowers being sought after and prosecuted before a public trial. I give you Booz Allen , along with Google, Microsoft, IBM (remember how their data cards assisted Nazi murder on a mass scale WWII), and a host of others got caught with their pants down, this industry must be stopped before it too takes on a life of its own and also steals the precious surplus from the American families pockets in the name of progress.