Monday, July 25, 2016

Cenk Uygur and Alex Jones Confrontation at the RNC

I really like Cenk Uygur. He a liberal who scores hitting home at the Conservatives and so the Tea Party Right really hate him. One problem with the left is that they tend too be polite much of the time. Think Democracy now vs Fox News, or Thom Hartman vs Glenn Beck. Now I'm not saying that the liberal left should become bruisers but we do need a few people that can stand up to the loud mouths on the Right. This is why I enjoyed Mike Norman's videos so much bashing that big mouthed Peter Schiff. I also like Max Keiser because he doesn't mince his words either.

In the video below Alex Jones storms onto the The Young Turks set to wind up Cent Uygur at the RNC convention. It is obviously a prank by Alex Jones, where he says that he was invited on but that is a bold faced lie. There was no seat for him on the set and Cenk and his team were already in deep discussion being filmed for a broadcast when Alex Jones just barged on. And Alex Jones keeps giggling like a small kid obviously really enjoying himself. Cenk shows his anger, and what a great guy he is. Alex Jones needed one on the chin.


Six said...

That was really good theater. The most disturbing part is how truly elated Alex Jones appears to be that Bill Clinton might have raped someone. What an asshole.

Roger Erickson said...

WWF smackdown?

Or just a clown show?