Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hillary, Putin and Faith-based evidence

Stage magic operates on distraction. The audience knows that the magician is trying to fool them and everyone is on the lookout for it, but almost no one but other magicians can penetrate the ruse. 

Persuasion is very much like this and persuasion techniques are used extensively in public relations, politics and advertising.

Disinformation is on of the tactics. It extends from a swarm of "evidence," testimony, allegations and the like to the Big Lie.

Russia Insider
Hillary Clinton's Bizarre Disinformation Strategy Against Russia and Donald Trump - Dominic Basalt

Zero Hedge
Russia Foreign Minister Responds To Allegation It Is Behind DNC Hack: "I Don't Want To Use Four-Letter Words"

Will Putin Get a Pulitzer?
Patrick J. Buchanan

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