Thursday, July 28, 2016

William Dunkerley — Urgent: Trump's 'Putin Connection' Outed - Part I and II

In Part I, the Trump-Putin "nexus of evil" was revealed as a concoction of Hillary Clinton and her crowd. It may have been simply a convenient contrivance to craftily divert attention away from her entanglement in the Democrat's primary election-rigging scandal.
Forbes magazine played a key role in orchestrating this scandal at the start.
A July 18 Forbes piece focused on the 2016 Republican platform vis-a-vis Russia. Its headline read, "Trump, Deferring to Putin, Deleted GOP Platform's Call to Supply Ukraine with Lethal Defensive Weapons."
There isn't anything in that headline that is demonstrably true. There's not much truth in the rest of the story, either.
Let's pick off a couple of the clearest points first...
So a Trump-Putin nexus has been trumpeted by many, including Forbes, the New York Times and others. It has been demonstrated, though, that their attempts to out a nefarious link between Trump and Putin are based on lies and innuendo.

In the end, a close examination of the details shows Hillary Clinton as the culprit who is outed. It is she and her people who invented Trump's "Putin connection," likely in order to divert attention away from Clinton's entanglement in a primary election-rigging scandal that seemingly delegitimizes her presidential nomination.
This is not only reflecting badly on HRC but also the liberal Establishment, which is turning out to be not so liberal.

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Trump doesn't think Putin is Satan. One more reason to liken Trump.